PvP style preference, big group or small.


We've all heard that "size doesn't matter" but we want your opinion.


you guys prefer what small group play like we we're doing or you'd like to run bigger group in pvp?


If you guys prefer bigger group we would need someone willing to spend some time in spawn/keep to ask in area chat for people to join our group.


Advantage of small group, we donehat we want, we have a clear chat and can have funny conversation while playing.


bigger group, easier to cap keep, can recruit people in the group to have a more constant pvp squad but chat can become painful if we're not careful with who we invite.


share your thought on the subject.



i wanna see a slightly bigger group, like 10-15 maybe... i think we could take some keeps with that number.


on a full server with action goin on constantly i really enjoy bouncing from place to place in a small group and ganking fools.  No real pressure when you wipe just goin out and having fun.  When things have been as boring as they have been recently in the campaigns it would be great to have a bit of a larger group.  That way we could force some action by trying to take resources and keeps and what not.

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